EXIOBASE is a global, detailed Multi-regional Environmentally Extended Supply and Use / Input Output (MR EE SUT/IOT) database. It was developed by harmonizing and detailing SUT for a large number of countries, estimating emissions and resource extractions by industry, linking the country EE SUT via trade to an MR EE SUT, and producing an MR EE IOT from this. The international input-output table that can be used for the analysis of the environmental impacts associated with the final consumption of product groups.

EXIOBASE has the following characteristics:

  • 43 countries, 5 RoW regions (and its 10% of the global GDP) Baseyear 2007
  • 200 products
  • 163 industries
  • 15 land use types
  • Employment per three skill levels
  • 48 types of raw materials
  • 172 types of water uses

Extensions can be aggregated to compile indicators such as Global Warming Potential. Acidification, Total material requirement, and external costs. The latter were calculated by assessing the external costs of a kg per gas emission of a specific substance by a specific industry in a specific country, considering population density, rural or urban location, and stack height related to the emission.

Data sets

As of the release of EXIOBASE2 (year 2007 data) the EXIOBASE partners have decided to make the database 'as is' available for free under licence. This website makes available:

  • EXIOBASE1 (year 2000 data)
    The full, detailed MR EE SUT and a product x product and industry x industry MR EE IOT.
    • Sample files
      A detailed EE SUT for one country, and an aggregated global MR EE SUT/IOT at the level of x world regions and y sectors/products
    • Full data sets
      Global Multi-regional environmentally extended input output (MR EE IOT), discerning 43 countries and a rest of world.
  • EXIOBASE2 (year 2007 data)
    • Full data sets
      One of the most extensive EE-MRIO systems available worldwide. This holds also true for the water part (W-MRIO). A large number of products are covered and an especially high level of spatial detail is provided with regard to agricultural water consumption.

How to download

Please register and login to download the EXIOBASE files. Registration is free.

Referring to EXIOBASE

When using/referring to EXIOBASE, please refer to the following publications:

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There is extensive documentation available in the Publications section.