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archive Three region world input-output table (version 16 Oct 2012)

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This input-output is based on the full multi-regional EXIOBASE model which consists of 43 countries and 1 rest of world region. The input-output table has been aggregated into 3 regions. The three regions are roughly the EU27 + Norway and Switzerland, the OECD countries outside the Europe and finally the non OECD countries. A full description of the regions can be found in the Excel file. The industry by industry input-output tables based on fixed industry sales structure assumption has been created. The number of industry sectors distinguished is 129, which is the maximum number of industry sectors distinguished in EXIOBASE. The input-output table comes together with environmental (emissions and natural resources use), material and economic extensions. The input-output table is in coefficient form. The input-output table is available in two formats: Excel and CMLCA format. The version available in CMCLA format contains additionally a number of life cycle impact assessment methods and indicators.

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